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Esophageal Cancer Symptoms, Signs, Causes, Treatment & More

The esophagus is an organ that serves a pathway of food from our mouth to stomach. A malignant tumor in the mucosal lining of esophagus causes cancer. Any department of the esophagus and even stomach can be affected by tumor.

1. The doctors say there are two kinds of esophagus cancer. Epidermoid carcinoma occurs in the mucosal tunic cells of the esophagus struck with cancer. Tumor of this type is most often confined to upper and middle departments of the esophagus. Another type of cancer that may occur in esophageal is adenocarcinoma that develops from the glands of the esophagus or from the mucosa, altered by the type of intestinal metaplasia and located in the bottom section of the esophagus.

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